Friday, 8 April 2011

Tuesday - Day 6 L.A.

This was going to be our lazy sunshine day. After breakfast it was into the car for a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. It was a gorgeous day again, and the intention was to shoot up to Santa Barabra. We underestimated the time it would take to get there. We were thinking the PCH was like an Interstate highway and didn't rekon on having to drive at 30mph for parts of it.

Still, the scenery we took in till we got as far as Pleasant Valley was well worth the drive alone.

On the way back we stopped off at the un-aptley named Paradise Cove. Well actually the cove itself IS nice enough. This is the one featured on the cover of the Beach Boys' "Surfin' Safari." The problem is, as soon as you turn off the road into it, you're into a car park with a barrier that costs at least $25 if you don't eat there. Straight away that gets your heckles up getting ripped of like this, even if you PLANNED on eating there.

Paradise Cove - the shot on the cover of the Surfin Safari album was done here

There was a 30 min wait to get a table outside and this gave us the chance so sit on the beach for a while.

The Beeb on the Beach avec lobster!

Minty with her Diet Coke in Paradise Cove

When we were called to the table, the girl took our order then told us she was going for her break and Josh would be our server from then on. Minty ordered some kind of toasted cheese sandwich, while The Beeb had corn on the cob with chips. We think they must have gone to milk the cow before making the cheese by the length of time it took to arrive. Josh was the most surly server we have ever seen - he never once let a smile reach his face and he didn't even acknowledge us.

Absolutely terrible service, and not what you expect from a place like this. They obviously rely on passing trade and don't have many regular customers as we can't see many people wanting to go back!!! Anyway, this is the only place we've been to where there was no tip left.

Then we headed back on the road to spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach at Santa Monica. The Beeb finally made it into the Pacific Ocean for a swim.

The Beeb hits the Pacific Ocean Blue
Surprisingly the water isn't quite as cold as you'd image. After getting walloped by head high waves it doesn't take much to get used to it. You do realise the power of the waves as they knock you off your feet though.
Minty paddled on the shore line

Minty paddled on the shoreline!

When the sun started to set, it got a bit cooler so we headed back to the hotel. Following a quick change, we headed off to Pershing Square and got the metro up to Hollywood and Vine and discovered the world of Amoeba Records. The metro was quite packed, and had some characters on it. Minty was a bit worried about coming back on the same route - if it was like this at 7.30pm, what would it be like around 11pm!!!!

Amoeba Records is a HUGE record store, and after a serious browse, we came out with some goodies. Minty got Jan & Dean's Carnival of Sound CD for a fraction of the price that would need to be paid from the UK, as well  Brian Setzer's first solo album from 1986 for approx £6 when the UK amazon price is upwards of £20!!!! Unfortunately the CD's The Beeb was interested in were full price and are actually much cheaper from Amazon in the UK so he was very restrained.

When we got to the tills to pay, the guy asked us where we were from and gave us back our $3 discount cards to re-use, and also threw in 2 t shirts and a heap of stickers, fridge magnets and postcards for FREE!!!

By this time it was around 10.15pm and most of the places to eat were closing. Feeling a bit peckish, we headed up Vine and found Cafe Was which advertised a "full menu" until closing time (which was 2am). What a little goldmine this place was......from the outside it looked like Hard Rock Cafe, with the neon sign and the prospect of burger and fries type menu. How pleasantly surprised we were, when upon entering, we saw a Grand Piano taking up centre floor with tables around it, and further tables in booths on a raised level just overlooking the piano. What a set up. The waitress told us that usually they have live music every night, but they couldn't book anyone for this night (hence why it was so quiet) but Jeff Goldblum (he of The Fly) plays piano every Monday here......

We had Macaroni Cheese and chips and then headed back to Downtown, via the (much quieter) metro back to Pershing Square and then a short walk to the hotel.

So back at the hotel.... night no 6 draws to a close... and Minty is all excited as tomorrow we spend a bit of the day with Darian from Wondermints........

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